Family EP

by Patriot

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released January 26, 2017

William Devery – Vocals
April Haines – Guitar/Vocals on Isaiah 41:10
Joe O’Connor – Bass/Backing Vocals
Drums – Dayne Robinson

Music written by April Haines and Patriot
Lyrics by William Devery
Edited and mixed by Josiah Bovill
Mastered by Jared Kerr
Album artwork and layout by Alex Cook of The StraightEdge Media Group
Recorded at Zeal Hamilton, New Zealand



all rights reserved


Patriot New Zealand

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Track Name: Remnants
Jesus Christ
Praise be to God, our Father and friend
Jesus Christ
A father of compassion
Jesus Christ
Carries our breath to the end
Jesus Christ
No longer suffer, our lives just begun
Praise be to God, our Father, our Lord
The Father of compassion, Lord of all comfort
Who comforts us in all of our troubles
So then we can be comfort to those that suffer alone
We are not alone
Praise to the Lord
You are not alone
Track Name: Mainstay
Go ahead and blame me
I hold my head as high as I can
But let these words answer for what I’ve done
May your judgement not be too heavy on me
Of course I didn’t know back then
This is not the result that I’d hoped for
The general misery I have brought upon you
Today we look far beyond this
Today we stand strong together
The misery will pass
Grasp your fear with both your hands
We knew this time would come
Give up your worries
You knew that this time would come
And I will not turn my back on you
Like I always used to
Life dragged us through blood and sand
Beaten and broken we rise to our feet
Now the moments over
Now that we are anew and stronger than ever
I have to leave
Track Name: Isaiah 41:10
Hold on to hope
You are not alone
Stand strong
You might be broken but you are free
Track Name: Through The Infernal
Through the Infernal
Can you see the pain that festers beneath?
From this resistance that you’ve created?
You defy life and define a new set of rules
This time and your demise can no longer be separated
My soul is expanding and contracting
Pulsating in this spiritual race I can feel this body tremble,
Acting brave I hold my breath
And just as I unclench my hand I’m struck by reflections
Struck from the blade
Cutting through the darkened cloud, a piercing light arrives
But I remain in the shadow
When the moment’s truth unfolds
They will see that you were wrong
You never showed us your face
A bringer of falseness and decay
You will answer for your deceit as the final hours draw
But stand strong, I promise the fall will take you to higher ground
Your name will be disgraced in shame
But your soul can be reborn
Truth breaks and dissolves your words to dust and haze
Your eyes now clear, my hatred softened
Lord bring the light of renewal
We are broken
But we are free
Track Name: Extrémité
Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something
The blood, the sweat, the tears
Conquer your fears
Do not be afraid
Another night I’m alive I turn my head to the sky
And wonder how many wishes a star can give
Let down by false hope
No answers to my prayers
I’ll find these answers inside of my wrist
And every day is the same
I’ll use numbness to dull the pain
The reasons are many
I do this because of fear that our culture has no feeling
Education without action does nothing
It’s not just in my head it’s in my heart
Reach out for hope
Its light will illuminate the pit of your soul
Hold on to hope
You are not alone
You tell me I make no difference, at least I'm trying
You can’t bring me down
The scars they slowly fade
Renewed my body strengthens
Hope fills this empty shell 'Hope' is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul
And sings a tune without the words
It never stops at all, I've heard it in the darkest void
And found it in the hopeless
Reach out for hope
Its light will illuminate the pit of your soul
We are all in this together
This world won’t defeat you
I know there will be challenges ahead, but fear no one
The blood, the honour, the truth
You are not a wasted life
It’s the little things
The smile you fake to play the part
The quiet dreams you keep to yourself
Reach out for hope
Its light will illuminate the pit of your soul
Hold on to hope
You are not alone
Track Name: Life Among The Dead
We reach out as you walk the line
No need to beg, this is the time
We heard you scream, heard you whine, heard you cry
We pray as they pull out your dying eyes
We go where you’re afraid to go
We are with you
Tell me what's on your mind
The madness, the lying
We fight what makes your blind
You’re dying, you are loved, we will come
There is nothing on earth like the love of our God
We fight the darkness alone in the distance
You rest on the dead, please stand
We cannot reach you if you’re dead
Your past does not define you
You are not a wasted life
Blood on our hands
You are not forgotten
The cycle continues until there’s nothing
We are with you
We are the proof you can survive
Apologies are more than saying sorry
There is nothing on earth like the love of our
God We fight the darkness
We will never end
Track Name: Woundless
I come from the depths of despair
I will bring you up from down below
You will see tomorrow
We live to see tomorrow
We will not dwell below I believe in you
Your pain is below you
Deep down below
Follow the light
It's always been with you
Follow the light
In the cold grip of the whole world
You are not forsaken
Keep moving forward
There are no feelings in this black broken heart
Don’t panic as you wonder through the dark
You want to die, but trust me there is life
Don't fall and cry
I don't want to lose another
There is life
We will save you from down below
I will save you from down below